Programme 2019

26 July 2019

Time zone: Frankfurt am Main, Germany (GMT+2)

Event partner: European Central Bank

Friday, July 29th

Chairperson: Geoffrey Goodell (UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies), European Central Bank


Welcome address

Speaker: Helmut Wacket (ECB)


Keynote speech: Financial Market Transparency: the biological underpinnings of new business models for central banks, regulators and financial institutions in a decentralized world

Speaker: Paolo Sironi (FinTech Thought Leader and Author)


Paper: Regulation automata: efficient supervision of distributed-ledger based finance

Presenter: Raphael Auer (Bank for International Settlements)

Discussant: Tarik Roukny (KU Leuven)


Paper: Vertically disintegrated platforms

Presenter: Tarik Roukny (KU Leuven)

Discussant: Taojun Xie (Singapore Management University)


Paper: Central bank digital currency with adjustable interest rate in small open economies

Presenter: Taojun Xie (Singapore Management University)


Paper: Overcoming economic stagnation in low-income communities with programmable money

Presenter: Yakko Majuri (BlockchainBH)

Discussant: Patrick Osborne (University College London)


Panel discussion: “Decentralisation and the European regulatory framework: how to find the balance in a dynamic environment”

Innovative solutions are challenging today’s markets and services. In this dynamic scenario, what is the present and future role of regulators and competent authorities? How will the relevant stakeholders change the way they collaborate in order to foster innovation and to guarantee fair rules in the market?
Presenter: Yakko Majuri (BlockchainBH)


  • Marius Jurgilas (Bank of Lithuania)
  • Domenico Gammaldi (Bank of Italy)
  • Chiara Rossetti (London Stock Exchange Group)
  • Gilbert Verdian (Quant Network)

Moderator: Dirk Bullmann (ECB)


Fireside chat with Dan Morgan, Head of Regulatory Relations in Europe, Ripple

Interviewer: Tom Wilson (Reuters)


Paper: A blockchain game in Eurasian energy trading

Presenter: Patrick Osborne (University College London)

Discussant: Yakko Majuri (BlockchainBH)


Paper: A model for stablecoin cryptocurrency markets

Presenter: Ariah Klages-Mundt (Cornell University)

Discussant: Akaki Mamageishvili (ETH Zurich)


Paper: Optimal smart contracts with costly verification

Presenter: Akaki Mamageishvili (ETH Zurich)

Discussant: Ariah Klages-Mundt (Cornell University)


Panel discussion: “Decentralised systems in the financial ecosystem: a market perspective”

Market developments can benefit competition in financial systems and ensure improvements in services and products. What risks and opportunities will market participants face from increasingly decentralised systems?

Kathrin Gfall-Gapp (Erste Group)
Garrick Hileman (
Daniel Heller (Fnality Ioana Surpateanu, Citi)

Moderator: Tom Wilson (Reuters)


Closing Remarks: Paolo Tasca (UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies)